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December 5th, 2006

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05:19 pm - things that nauseate me
the bureacratization/professionalization of social work

militarized masculinity and its impact on people literally everywhere (http://pandagon.net/2006/12/05/homo-obsessed-military-watchdog-elaine-donnelly-pants-over-barney-frank/)notice her choice of words in the 'battering ram' section


anti-choice movements, especially those with a liberal front (i.e. feminists for life, whose website contains possibly the most idiodic and illogical "arguments" i've ever encountered)

the reframing of sexual harassment and assault (whistling at someone/cat calling is harassment, touching someone or attempting to do so is assault, and while cops may tolerate it, i and my fellow activists won't)

post-feminism (it's not only fucking idiodic, it has no base in reality whatsoever...)

casual racism

ignorance of LGBTQ issues, blatant, shameless (i.e. "WHAT'S THAT?!")

ignorance of privilege (i.e. rich white kids from northville starting a group on u of m's campus to fight affirmative action... in ruthi's words, i hope the women don't ever need free breast cancer screenings, or shelter in a program working to end domestic violence, because neither will be fully available to them soon in michigan)

there is no excuse NOT to become an activist, even on a tiny scale... look at the world we have created.
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Date:December 6th, 2006 04:04 am (UTC)
Yes. Yes yes yes. I've been feeling outraged as well, lately. I sense impending disaster.

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