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i call it the one-stop shop

et ca suffit

19 March 1986
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I drown in useless thoughts; don't subject yourself to the same fate by having high expectations of this pretentious journal.
120 days, abstraction, activism, adult, antony and the johnsons, apocalpypse now, arabic, arcade fire, aretha franklin, art, bach, beethoven, beirut, ben harper, bob marley, brains, british figurative painting, cambodia, catharsis, chopin, cicilia bartoli, creativity, crystal castles, curtis mayfield, cut copy, dada, darkness, debussy..., deconstruction, deerhunter, depeche mode, derrida, diane di prima, doing impressions of people, eggers, eve ensler, existentialism, experimental music, eyes, feminist theory, flannery o'connor, foucault, france, freedom of thought, french, friends, full metal jacket, funk, george orwell, gibson-graham, gordimer, gorecki, haiti, hands, happiness, hearts, hot chip, india, indian food, indie film, indie music, interpol, jackie brown, john cage, john donne, joss stone, joy division, joyce carol oates, junior boys, kafka, kiri te kanawa, lacan, languages, lawrence ferlinghetti, le petit prince, liars, liberation, life, lips, losing, love, mbembe, metaphors, minds, mogwai, motown, mozart, music, neo classicism, neo dada, open-mindedness, outkast, palestine, penderecki, phillip glass, philosophy, piano, pomade, postcapitalist theory, postcolonial theory, puccini, purcell, queen, reading, sartre, satie, scarlatti, shakespeare, sharon olds, short stories, soul, south africa, spain, sunglasses, surrealism, switzerland, the knife, the yeah yeah yeahs, theology, tiersen, titus andronicus, tori amos, traveling, vivaldi, wa thiong'o, west side story, western and eastern europe, writing, your life, zadie smith